Carpet Cleaning

Most homes in UK have a carpet; that is, if they haven’t installed wall to wall carpeting.  But no matter what kind of carpets you have in your home, it all boils down to one thing: you must keep them clean.  Carpet cleaning is a very simple task and it only needs to be done every so often.  So what methods can you take in cleaning a carpet?  Here are a few that you can try out at your home.


Of course, nothing is better at carpet cleaning than a vacuum.  However, it may not be enough that you get all the dust out of your carpet.  Make sure to give the rug a good scrubbing first before allowing it to dry for vacuuming.  At least you will know that you have sanitized the carpet before getting rid of the dust which is actually the least o your worries.  There are also some vacuum units in the market that can actually do all the shampooing for you; these “wet vacuums” give the carpet a good soaking and clean up the suds at the same time as you run it over the carpet.

A Good Wash

Carpet cleaning is all about getting your carpet clean and useable again, especially after long usage.  It’s like a piece of clothing for your house.  So like any piece of clothing, a carpet also deserves a good wash.  What you can do is hang your carpet outside in the back yard on a wire so that it is suspended off of the ground.  Then you can hose it down and easily soap it up while it hangs there.  After a few minutes, you can give it one more soaking before allowing it to dry.  You can dry it in the sun or in the shade; however, when drying it out in the sun, make sure that you don’t leave it out too long.

Dry Powder

This carpet cleaning technique involves the use of small amounts of water, detergent and solvents.  They are then sprinkled over or worked into a carpet with a vacuum or any other machine that can blow it into the carpet.  The cleaner will then absorb soil and  other dirt that is found in the carpet.  After a while, the vacuum is used once again to suck up the solvents that have now absorbed much of the dirt in the carpet.  This is also known as a dry cleaning method because it does not involve the thorough use of water.

Deep Cleaning

One of the most recommended methods of carpet cleaning is to use hot water.  Also known as Hot Water Extraction and is the only real known deep carpet cleaning method.  The reason is because this method really digs in and removes soil deep in the carpet while not leaving a trace of detergents or solvents.  This has also been referred to as steam cleaning since a fine spray of water can also be used to force dirt out of a carpet.