House Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning may be a bit of a chore, especially if you have wall to wall carpeting which is quite common in most American homes these days.  But there are a few easy tips that you can follow so that you can keep your carpets in the best condition.  Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in your house carpet cleaning activities.

Carpet Stains

Spills happen all the time and most spills happen on floors; which means if you have carpets all over the place, then your carpets are bound to take a liquid beating.  Some spills can be quite stubborn and leave stains on carpets.  This can be very frustrating if you have just installed new carpets or if you have just cleaned up the house for a gathering later on.  But this doesn’t have to cause any stress or make you feel upset about anything.  You just need some of these items to get rid of those stains.  You will need paper towels, absorbent sponges, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, a dull knife and ammonia.  These are only some of the things you will need to have available when stains do happen.  Use the towels to absorb any liquids from new spills.  Time is the enemy when it comes to spills so try to be quick about collecting all the spilled liquid.  Alcohol and the dull knife can be used to remove any stubborn debris that is left behind.  Blot the area stained with the alcohol but don’t scrub it.  Just dab and collect the alcohol until there is no more color being collected onto paper towels.  Vinegar and ammonia can also be used but must be mixed with some water.

Candle Wax

Ever had the trouble of spilling candle wax on a carpet?  It’s pretty simple to get rid of even if it does dry up quickly on carpets.  As a simple house carpet cleaning tip, you can warm up the wax perhaps with an iron but don’t touch the carpet with it.  You can then remove as much of the softened wax as you can.  Then whatever is left, place a paper towel on the area and iron the paper.  The wax will melt and then stick to the paper.  After a few minutes of doing this, you should have a relatively wax-free carpet.

Chewing Gum

Kids are adorable; it’s the chewing gum that’s the problem.  One way to avoid chewing gum on carpets is to ban the candy completely from your home.  But another house carpet cleaning tip is to place an ice cube inside a plastic bag and apply it to the sticky area.  Once that gum is frozen you can shatter it and remove it quickly before it melts and becomes sticky again.  Use a vacuum to suck it all up.  Products can be used to also get rid of the stickiness of the gum.

Mud & Dirt

The house carpet cleaning trick here is to allow the mud to dry first.  Then you can shatter the solidified mud and vacuum the debris.  You may need to use some product to get the smaller debris but you can get rid of most of it with the least amount of effort.